With Uniden Police Scanner Remote county programming service we can remote into your computer and update your outdated (or empty) police scanner and our experts will program your local public safety channels and frequencies.

Police scanner programming is done professionally by our experts, We program all the current Uniden Model scanners. Our Optimization and County Programming services will take the guesswork out of setting up your scanner to listen to important local public safety information. Spend more time listening to your radio, not programming it!

Remote Programming is NOT available for Apple/Mac Computers.

Windows 7 or higher operating system
High Speed internet access (no dial-up internet)

*If we are not able to program your scanner remotely because of a connection problem or other issues you will need to send your scanner into us for programming. We will charge you an additional $20.00 for returning your scanner back to you after it is programmed.

*If you schedule an appointment prior to paying for the service, payment will need to be made prior to the appointment.

Uniden Remote Programming

We program the following items into your scanner remotely.
Cities, towns, local Police, Fire, and EMS. Sheriff and County Fire Highway Patrol/State Police
Remote Programming is NOT available for Apple/Mac Computers.