Shipping is non-refundable. If you receive free shipping on your order due to a promotion and are returning the item for any reason other than a manufacturer's defect the shipping covered by Bearcatwarehouse will be deducted from your eligible credit. We DO NOT supply return labels for any reason.

County Programming and Optimization Terms and Conditions

County Programming may add an additional two to three business days for delivery. Once your scanner has been programmed, county programmed radios are returnable only for store credit or exchange within 14 days of delivery. Credit will be given for the price of the radio and any returned accessories only. Programming fees (County, Optimization, and Nascar Race) are not eligible for a refund.

  1. Pre-Programmed SD Cards & Programming Files
    1. We (Bearcatwarehouse) are not responsible for any scanner errors arising from the use of a non Windows based desktop PC or laptop, or any other device not categorized as a Windows based desktop PC or laptop (including but not limited to tablets, smartphones, or any other device that you may physically connect your scanner to) in an attempt to use our pre-programmed SD cards or files.
    2. SD cards and programming files are provided as-is and are not covered under any type of warranty or guarantee.
    3. These files may contain systems or frequencies that utilize an encryption method that prohibits the public from monitoring them. These files do not claim to and will not allow the monitoring of these systems or frequencies. While we do make every attempt to advise customers on the use of these systems and frequencies in their area (using the public information available) we are not responsible for ensuring scanner compatibility or frequency monitoring capability.
    4. Pre-programmed SD cards and programming files are created using up-to-date firmware and frequency information obtained from the online Home Patrol database at the time of creation, and it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the relevancy of their unit’s firmware and software database.
    5. As with all services provided by Bearcatwarehouse, pre-programmed SD cards and programming files are not eligible for a refund and are non-cancelable upon shipment/delivery. If the SD card or file is deemed defective or incorrect, however, we will replace the programming file or SD card free of charge. System or frequency changes that occur after the scanner ships will not be considered legitimate cause for no-charge programming correction.
    6. **Upgrade Keys are radio specific; these upgrade keys are not refundable for any reason** 

Credit card fees

Credit card fees of 3% will be charged back to every return. 

What Happens After 30 Days?

Returns will not be accepted beyond 30 days after purchase without express permission from a Bearcatwarehouse representative. All Uniden scanners come with a 1-Year manufacturer's warranty. If you are past the 30-day return window and are having trouble with your scanner, please contact the manufacturer for assistance. Some accessories are also covered by their manufacturer's warranties. Please contact a representative for assistance with contacting your accessory's manufacturer. 

Oversized items purchased with a package will ship ground if Air freight is selected.  

To request a return authorization send an email request to admin@bearcatwarehouse.com