Why have Uniden Experts Program your scanner SDS200

This video shows the difference between using the zip code feature and having the scanner preprogrammed for your County.

In this video, we are using two Uniden BCD436HP digital police scanners, however, this would apply to all Uniden scanners in the home patrol series line.







Your scanner will work right out of the box!

Uniden Expert Programmers will add county programming to your scanner.  We remove the guesswork, tedium, and frustration from from manually programming your scanner for your area. Our programming department will preload your selected county/counties public safety frequencies so all you have to do is turn it on.

Included : 

  • Firmware update (if applicable)
  • Frequency database update
  • Favorites List setup containing public safety channels

Activated Service Types:

  • Emergency Ops
  • EMS-Dispatch
  • EMS-Tac
  • EMS-Talk
  • Fire-Dispatch
  • Fire-Tac
  • Fire-Talk
  • Interop
  • Law-Dispatch
  • Law-Tac
  • Law-Talk
  • Multi-Dispatch
  • Multi-TacMulti-Talk